Ethical due diligence of counterparties

Since 2012, KPO has implemented an Ethical Due Diligence programme to determine the risks associated with each potential business partner and to identify appropriate mitigation measures for those aspects that may pose a risk.

Еach potential business partner receives a questionnaire asking information about its ownership, management and conduct of business including its ethical business practices.  KPO also uses international Dow Jones risk and compliance database and other databases (including tax and court databases) to confirm the company’s corporate information and whether there were any negative reports regarding its business conduct. A risk assessment is performed to determine the acceptability of the business partner and, if relevant, mitigation measures to be applied to any residual risks.

KPO also requires its business partners to comply with applicable Kazakh and international laws combatting corruption and bribery through obligations incorporated in KPO’s standard contracts.

We are confident that these activities have alerted our business partners to KPO’s high standards of ethical business. We cooperate with and support our business partners to prevent corruption and bribery.