Hotline and other compliance measures

A toll-free, anonymous and confidential Hotline has been functioning in KPO since 2012 as another step in the Company’s legal compliance programme. 

The Hotline provides an important tool for KPO’s employees, contractors and stakeholders to ensure a fair and safe working environment.  The topics may include discrimination, sexual harassment, conflicts of interest, safety or environmental violations and/or improper financial practices or bribery. The caller can report on the alleged misconduct either by telephone or by completing an online report form.  The report is then sent to the KPO Legal Compliance Counsel and Compliance Coordination Manager for review and to determine the appropriate action. In some cases employees report concerns directly to the Legal Directorate. The caller can report on the alleged misconduct using the Hotline by phone or in writing as described at this link.

All the reports received during 2018 were duly considered and where the matter has been concluded appropriate action taken when justified.  The complaints mostly related to Human Resources issues, and these were addressed in accordance with KPO’s Regulations on Individual and Collective Labour Disputes and Discipline Handling Policy, depending on the nature of the situation.  Those matters that related to allegations of ethical misconduct were investigated in terms of the Compliance Assurance Investigations Guidelines and were reported to the KPO Compliance Committee.