KPO Business Principles and Code of Conduct

KPO Business Principles

KPO conducts its business based on shared values and common principles, the KPO Business Principles.

Our Business Principles set out the main business principles that govern how we conduct our business, and set high standards of performance and ethical behaviour. We also expect all of our stakeholders, including contractors and suppliers, to respect and adhere to these Business Principles.

Our Business Principles cover seven categories: Health, Safety and the Environment; Business Integrity; Economic; People; Communities; Communication and Engagement; and Compliance.

You can see the full KPO Business Principles by clicking here and you can watch a short video about our Business Principles by clicking here.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is read in conjunction with our Business Principles and gives KPO staff more detailed guidance on how to apply our Business Principles and the standards and behaviours required of our staff. It covers areas including international trade, health and safety, communications and gifts and hospitality. You can read a copy of our Code of Conduct by clicking here.

KPO has a Compliance Committee, which is chaired by the Legal Director and attended by the General Director and other members of the KPO senior management. The Committee meets quarterly and oversees all matters relating to Legal Compliance in KPO.

Code of conduct and anti-corruption awareness training

KPO insists on creating a fair and equitable business environment where the ethical business principles in the KPO Code of Conduct are the foundation for all its relationships.

All new starters in KPO receive an introductory training course on the Code of Conduct. Each KPO employee is required, on an annual basis, to make a Compliance Declaration acknowledging their familiarisation with their personal compliance obligations.  The Code of Conduct and other ethical compliance policies and practical tests are available on the KPO intranet for each employee.  By the end of December 2019, 99.07 % of KPO employees had completed their Compliance Declaration. 

As part of raising awareness on ethical compliance and engagement amongst the contractor companies, KPO held its annual Contractor Ethical Compliance Workshop in June and August 2019.  The workshop was attended by 61 delegates from 58 contractor organisations, together with Operator representatives from Shell and Eni.