KPO employees participate in community clean-up days

KPO Astana office participated in a number of month-long public clean-up and improvement projects taking place in Astana. In anticipation of the forthcoming EXPO-2017 Akim of Astana encouraged all the residents of the city to bring back the tradition of clean Friday and make their contribution as much as possible into improvements of the streets, common areas and municipal parks.

KPO representative office in Astana supported this initiative and cleaned up the area adjacent to the office – a small public park ‘Seasons’, one of the most beautiful and favourite places of leisure of the residents of Astana.

Earlier, Burlin District Akimat was holding “Community clean-up day” to clean and tidy up the streets of Aksai Town. KPO employees in Aksai participated in the campaign.

In order to support this event, KPO General Director and other managers also took part in the community clean-up day.

Thus, KPO employees contributed to the improvement of the cities, where we live and work.  

We hope that this initiative will be supported by others and the cities will be given a new look after long winter and will glitter with all colours of spring under shining sun.   

KPO Corporate Affairs Department