KPO’s environmental achievements commended by Eni

AKSAI, 20 June, 2017 – The project “Water reuse in the Karachaganak field" developed by "Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V." (KPO) was mentioned among the best environmental projects at the recent Eni Safety and Environmental Award ceremony that was held on the 5th of June in Milan.  The event also coincided with the World Environment Day.

On the whole, among all global units of Eni four projects were recognized in the Environment category and four projects in the Safety category.

The KPO project presented in the Environment category was considered a best practice commendable for further implementation in other assets of Eni.

KPO General Director, Renato Maroli, said: “KPO regards this award as high assessment of company's achievements in the environmental protection area.

“In developing Karachaganak KPO uses the most advanced and innovative technologies.  The Company is committed to the principles and high standards of sustainable development and fully supports the “transition to Green Economy” initiative announced by the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“The Company’s priority objectives are to minimize any environmental impact and ensure energy efficiency increase”, he noted.

“We make focused effort to ensure environmental protection, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure conservation of natural resources and application of best available technologies.  To help achieve these targets KPO develops the Environmental Protection Plan and gets it approved by the authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, added Renato Maroli.

One of the key KPO environment protection goals is the conservation of watercourses and subsoil water as well as reducing the intake of water and reusing water in production processes.  To achieve this the Company ensures that the wastewater is not discharged into the environment with treated wastewater from KPO facilities being discharged into isolated holding ponds that prevent pollutants from entering into surface water, ground water and soil.

Treated wastewater is re-used to prepare drilling mud, plants watering and dust suppression.

As of today, the total KPO investments into implementation of environmental protection activities have exceeded $300 mln.

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