The first batch of locally produced steel fabrications delivered to Karachaganak

AKSAI, West Kazakhstan Oblast, 21 December 2018 – Karachaganak Petrolium Operating BV (KPO) announced that the first batch of locally produced steel fabrications have been delivered safely to the Karachaganak field.

This first steel structure was fabricated in Kazakhstan by Karasay Machine Building Plant (PSI Engineering group) for Karachaganak Gas Debottlenecking Project (KGDBN). During the next months, PSI Engineering group will keep delivering steel structure to KGDBN Project for approximately rate of 300 tons per month.

Taking into consideration the winter conditions in the country the railway transportation has been pferred.

The Karasay Machine Building Plant located in Almaty Region, was designed and built to meet high standards and requirements to service major international projects in the country and their needs for high quality steel structures manufacturers.

On the 5th of October 2017, in frames of Inter-regional cooperation Initiative as part of WKO Delegation Visit to Almaty, KPO repsentatives visited the PSI Engineering plant.

As an outcome of this visit and tender, conducted exclusively among local steel fabricators, in summer 2018,  KPO awarded PSI Engineering its first large scale contract for 2,217 tons of steel fabrication for the KDBN.

In addition to that, PSI Engineering has received major order from «Schneider Electric» for fabrication of No 5 KGDBN modular substations in Kazakhstan.

The first railway shipment of the local structural steel has been made out of Almaty yard on the eve of Independence day, 15 December 2018.

As Marco Lombardi, KPO KGDBN Project Manager, noted: “Today we see an effective result of the work of domestic machine builders that were entrusted by KPO to manufacture such a high quality of steel, which was fabricated at a brand new yard in Almaty region.

What is important, the shipment of the structural steel is and will be delivered by railway”

Managing exposure to risk through freight rail transport in conditions of maximum safety and with minimum impact on the environment is a good example of the KPO policy implemented to solve the road traffic problems.

Safety-conscious planning and design of the freight railway transport during the construction activity at KGDBN is a proper well planned strategy of KPO to minimize the risk of road traffic incidents. Besides, as Marco Lombardi added: “To compare the delivery of total 2,217 tons of steel structure from Almaty Region to the KGNK Field by railway will save use of 150 trucks, which would drive  5,800 km each. 850,000 km in general”

This first delivery of locally fabricated steel structures  will provide kazakhstani businesses with an incentive to produce goods and services in accordance with KPO requirements in the Republic of Kazakhstan

KPO is one of the first companies in the country, which successfully implemented local content development program  As of today (since signing FPSA in 1997) share of local content in procurement of goods, works and services totaled to almost 7 billion USD. 


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