KPO announced beginning of reconstruction of Uralsk airport

URALSK, West Kazakhstan Oblast, 5 July, 2019 - Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) announced commencement of works on reconstruction of Uralsk airport.

The leadership of the West Kazakhstan Oblast headed by WKO Akim Gali Iskaliyev, top management of KPO and contracting companies and representatives of Uralsk community took part in the official launch of the project.

As WKO Akim Gali Iskaliyev noted in his address, the airport reconstruction was an important milestone for the region.

“Since its commissioning in 1979, the airport terminal building has never been reconstructed or overhauled.  The terminal building deterioration and outdated technical facilities made it impossible to increase the airport capacity and open new airline routes.  I am sure that in a year and a half there will be a modern, safe and comfortable airport, meeting all the international requirements, in this place.  I believe that the start of this project implementation is a good present on the Capital Day of our country.  Besides, I would like to express gratitude to all the project participants who have been preparing this project implementation for several years and to wish everybody best of luck and successful completion of the terminal building reconstruction”, said Gali Iskaliyev.

According to KPO General Director, Edwin Blom, this social project will be implemented as part of the KPO social infrastructure development programme.