KPO signed joint roadmap for training of local specialists

URALSK, West-Kazakhstan Oblast, February 01, 2020 – Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) and Akimat of West Kazakhstan Oblast (WKO) announced the signing of the roadmap for training of local specialists in relevant disciplines.

WKO senior officials led by WKO Akim Gali Iskaliyev, leadership of KPO and contracting companies, representatives of WKO Department of Education and local community attended the signing ceremony.

WKO Akim Gali Iskaliyev said: “Today we signed the roadmap with KPO on the creation of a training center on the basis of the Aksai Technical College, where in the future local specialists can study and improve their skills to the level of international standards.  Our partner KPO Consortium will help us with this.  In the coming years, expatriate specialists of III and IV categories will be replaced at major oil and gas projects.  The first intake for training is scheduled for June-July this year whilst the start of training is planned for September 2020”.

KPO General Director, Edwin Blom, said: “The purpose of the joint roadmap is to provide support for training of local personnel in technical specialties and development of human capital in the region.  The signing of this document is an important step in the continued implementation of KPO sustainability initiatives.  I hope our joint efforts will result in creation of new opportunities for local citizens”.

Development of local workforce is an essential element in creating KPO's economic heritage.  In close cooperation with WKO Akimat and PSA Authority, KPO is actively promoting training and development of local staff, and implementing a number of projects and initiatives aimed at supporting human capital development.

With total investments of more than $26 billion, Karachaganak is one of largest upstream operations in the country.  It is a world-class project with record production levels, innovative technologies and the concept of sustainability embedded in all aspects of our activity.

To date, KPO has invested more than $ 225 million into training and development of the Kazakh employees. As of 2019, KPO national employees made up 96 per cent of professional and qualified and 79 per cent of managerial positions. Over the past 10 years, the number of expatriate employees in KPO decreased by 58 per cent. 470 positions in absolute terms were nationalized with more than 400 local personnel hired by KPO.

“I hope the signing of the roadmap will multiply the effect from KPO’s vigorous efforts aimed at the development of local professionals who can be involved into complex works at the Karachaganak field and will facilitate creation of new jobs for Kazakhstani citizens as well as ensure continued development of human capital in the region”, added Edwin Blom.

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