KPO employees were awarded with honorary diplomas from the WKO Department of Emergency Situations

AKSAI, West Kazakhstan Oblast, February 13, 2020 – The award ceremony took place today, where the KPO employees received the honorary diplomas from the Burlin District Akimat and WKO Department of Emergency Situations.

The event was held within the frame of summarising the 2019 performance of the regional territorial subsystem for emergency prevention and response.

When presenting the awards, Rauan Kairgaliyev, Head of the Burlin Emergency Situations Department of the RK MIA CES, noted: “The KPO representatives contribute immensely to the emergency prevention and response within the Burlin District. The company's management and employees of all departments provide assistance to the district in solving various extreme naturally occurring situations. On several occasions under the adverse winter conditions, with the help of KPO professionals and machinery provided, the rescue operations were successfully carried out to evacuate the village residents from snowdrifts and drive them to medical facilities. Furthermore, a huge support is provided in extinguishing steppe fires in the areas adjacent to the field.

“The WKO ES Department and Burlin District Akimat work in close cooperation with KPO departments in terms of informing and educating the residents of the settlements located in immediate vicinity to the Karachaganak field in the event of major accidents,” added Rauan Kairgaliyev.

According to Gabriele Giona, KPO Deputy General Director Operations Director, “over the past year there were no emergencies and accidents within the field. The emergency rescue services of the company, being always in the state of complete readiness, worked hard. The representatives of KPO departments actively engage with the Department of Emergency Situations and Burlin District Akimat during the extreme conditions of the winter, river flood, and fire hazard periods. I am sure that we will continue cooperating in the same productive vein. Thank you for the recognition and appreciation of our professional staff members’ endeavours.”

For active participation in the emergency prevention and response as well as cooperation arrangements, the Akim District Honorary Diplomas were awarded to:

  • Alexander Valeryevich Okhrimenko - Emergency Response Team Leader
  • Alexandr Alexandrovich Ivanov – Civil Defence Team Leader

For active participation in the emergency prevention and response, the ES Department Honorary Diplomas were awarded to:

  • Zhannat Kabdullovna Mukanova - Emergency Communications Centre Operator.
  • Sergei Vladimirovich Kuzenyatkin  - Emergency Response Coordinator
  • Irina Nikolayevna Kassimova – Training Delivery Section Head

These awards demonstrate convincingly the efficiency of KPO civil protection performance and serve as recognition of the company's contribution to the safety enhancement, protection of personnel and production facilities at Karachaganak.