KPO completes major repair of ring road No.9 close to Karachaganak Field

AKSAI, West-Kazakhstan Oblast, September 11, 2020 - Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) announced successful completion of major repair of Ring Road No. 9 in the vicinity of the Karachaganak field.

The key objective of the project was to provide the KPO and Contractor employees with a safe alternative routing to production sites, as well as to ensure transportation of equipment required for the Karachaganak Gas Debottlenecking Project (KGDBN) and the 4th Gas Reinjection Compressor Project (4IC).

The representatives of local authorities headed by Mirzhan Satkanov, Akim of Burlin District, as well as representatives of KPO and Contractor took part in the opening ceremony.

Edwin Blom, KPO General Director, said: “This project is an important milestone, its successful implementation has become possible thanks to the mutually beneficial partnership established between KPO, WKO and Burlin District authorities.

“Our main priority is to ensure safety of our employees, contractor and subcontractor staff as well as local residents living in the vicinity of the field.  Despite current situation due to COVID-19 pandemic, KPO's production facilities keep operating in strict compliance with all safety requirements and production plans for 2020 including activities on the Karachaganak Gas Debottlenecking (KGDBN) and 4th Gas Reinjection Compressor (4IC) Projects. In this regard, completion of major repair of the ring road is of vital importance, as it will be used to transport main cargo, including equipment for these projects.

“Additionally, this road can enhance traffic condition on the Aksai-Priuralny and Aksai-Tungush motor roads, thus helping improve road safety in the area“, added Edwin Blom.

In the course of major repair, the old road topping was dismantled, damaged areas were repaired, and road surface was levelled.  The road surface markings and signs were installed.  The road studs were placed to indicate the road curves.

An early completion and commissioning of the road will significantly decongest the vehicle traffic and improve the road safety in Burlin District of WKO.