AKSAI, Western Kazakhstan oblast, 14 January 2003 -- On the eve of the old New Year 145 veterans from Burlinsky region received invitations to attend a lunch hosted by Karachaganak Integrated Organisation (KIO) at one of Aksai restaurants.

As manager of public relations & communications department Kuat Dombai said, "KIO wishes to be a good neighbour so the company is pleased to share the joy of the New Year festivities with the veterans of the Burlin district".

In fact, the lunch was first-rate. Beside the exquisite menu, the veterans truly appreciated the performances of the amateur arts groups of Aksai. At the end, everyone received a gift from KIO containing a set of food items and an envelope with a monetary help.

The chief of district labour and social protection department S. Kairgaliyev commented on this KIO initiative, "The veterans were very much delighted to be invited to the festive lunch and to receive gifts. It is not a secret that many veterans receive a small pension so the Karachaganak investors' support came in handy".

It worth mentioning that KIO regularly undertakes such social initiatives. In summer 2002 the company sponsored summer holidays with free treatment for district's 24 pensioners and mothers of many children, and more recently, the company presented over 130 veterans of the Burlinsk district the annual subscription to one of the national newspapers.