KPO held handing of charity funds collected during Moscow Marathon "From Dream to Reality”

On 04 December an official handover ceremony of charity funds raised during 2014 Moscow Marathon “From Dream to Reality” to the two Burlin District organisations took place in KPO.

The KPO Operations Director Luca Vignati and Finance Director Andrea Sacchi who participated in the 2014 Moscow Marathon selected the Zhas Daryn Public Foundation and Zharsuat Secondary school for donation of the raised funds. The total sum of the charity funds amounting $20,000 (twenty thousand) dollars was divided equally between the mentioned two organisations each getting  $10,000 (ten thousand) dollars.

“Our life is a sort of marathon of achieving the goals that we set. We should not stop halfway on moving towards our goals, thinking of those who really need our help”, said the two directors during the warm meeting.

The founders of the Zhas Daryn Foundation T.Ischenko and A.Utebayeva and the Zharsuat School Principle A.Bizhanova thanked Luca Vignati and Andrea Sacchi for the donation and wished them every success.

KPO Corporate Affairs Department