A path to a greater career

Success and craftsmanship have now become inseparable concepts. Only the desire to improve professionally gives a real chance to thrive and make a spectacular career. Day by day the prestige of education is growing. This is the capital that never depreciates, and only continues to gain in price.

High qualification and ability to ensure a certain level of quality is an indispensable requirement for the employees working at the Karachaganak field. 

Today the priority for the company is to train young specialists for the Kazakhstan oil industry, those who will manage Karachaganak in the future. 

Following the government policy aimed at support of young professionals, KPO implemented a number of educational programs for young people. 

One of such programs is a joint scholarship program of KAZENERGY Association. 

Each year, within the framework of the Final Production Sharing Agreement (FPSA) and the signed memorandum on cooperation of 29 September 2015, KPO allocates funds for the training of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

The most important goal of this program is to train young professionals and talented Kazakhstani people living in the WKO in accordance with the international standards. For anyone brave and resolute, Karachaganak is the opportunity to participate in the development of one of the largest fields in the world and gain experience in an international company with a multinational structure. 

Karachaganak investors lead this initiative prospectively and systematically from the commencement of the FPSA. 

Over the past 5 years, more than 200 citizens of the republic were able to receive higher education in the leading universities of the republic and international schools, to improve their skills in training centres according to international standards. 

Program participants will be able not only to try their hand in practice, but also to gain a valuable experience that will certainly be useful to them in the future, becoming a starting point in their career and a guarantee of their future well-being. 

This program demonstrates the ongoing commitment of KPO to be directly involved in the life of Aksai and training of local specialists. Thus, KPO contributes to the training of young professionals and is actively cooperating with the universities of Kazakhstan. 

If you are interested and would like to tie your life with the oil, gas and energy sector, please visit www.kazenergy.com. There you will find information on conditions for participation in the program and requirements for applicants. This is an excellent opportunity for young people of the WKO to learn, develop, and implement their ideas into reality. 

This is another living example that a public association can cooperate effectively with the major oil and gas companies, higher education institutions, students and society in general, contributing to the development of human capital in Kazakhstan and raising a competitive nation.