Kazakhstanskaya Pravda

Another road has appeared in Uralsk. An opening ceremony took place devoted to the beginning of traffic on Narimanov Street right before Republic Day. The asphalt has been replaced on road, and this gift was presented to the residents of the oblast centre by the Karachaganak investors. This is an example of one social project that the companies allocate USD 10 MM annually for.

The decision of the Karachaganak project joint management committee on the allocation of USD 6 MM for the development of project documentation and prospecting work prior to the construction of the Karachaganak-Aksai-Uralsk gas pipeline was an important event for the region. President Nazarbayev gave instructions to investors to build a route for providing cheaper gas to oblast centre from the field, during his visit to Priural’e in the spring of this year. A specially created technical group determined the optimum route for the gas pipeline. The West Kazakhstan Oblast Entrepreneurship and Industry Department Director, Gumar Dyusembayev said that the construction will be full-scale next year. When it is completed, there will be an opportunity to gasify several districts that are located on the left bank of the Ural River. The cheap gas will allow for holding down the growth of utilities tariffs.