Puls Goroda, Uralsk

The good neighbour policy of KPO is aimed at activating cooperation with settlements of Burlin district, creation of all necessary conditions for the sustainable development of villages located near Karachaganak.

Burlin land always was famous for the large harvests of agricultural plants, especially grains, potatoes and vegetables. Although this district is nearest to Karachaganak field, its harvests are not less than those of other districts of WKO, and in some grains its harvests even exceed neighbors’ harvests. Sometimes one can hear unfounded statements that KPO production activity negatively affects the harvests of Burlin district. This is not so. The results of research conducted by West Kazakhstan Agricultural Institute disprove such statements.

This year in order to support agriculture in Burlin district KPO plans to launch several projects of sustainable development, such as Business Center/Business Incubator and Greenhouse with application of gravitational system of drop irrigation.

In 2003 Kazakhstan adopted state program “Village Restoration” called to improve social and economic, cultural lives of rural workers. The development of cultural educational area among the youth and organisation of cultural leisure of children are the most important tasks of the state program. It is widely known that rural children compared to their urban counterparts have fewer opportunities for spending time.

In May this year KPO started the realisation of the next project named “Mobile Art School”, which includes 6 villages near the field – Priural’e, Zharsuat, Karachaganak, Berezovka, Zhanatalap and Uspenovsk. Bolat Serikbayev, KPO Sustainable Development Project Specialist explained that the purpose of the project is the organisation of rural children’s leisure time, development of their aesthetic and labour education through training in applied arts and crafts. The final and main goal of this project is maximum discovery of their artistic talents and abilities on the way to creation, development of professional skills with prospects of further training of the most talented in professional schools.

After the tender KPO contractor became Aksai Master School Levsha, whose highly qualified staff consists of famous professional artists. Training program has been developed. Materials and instruments have been purchased. Children are taught drawing, sculpture, engraving, mosaics, embroidering, etc. 3 000 children have expressed wish to attend classes.

According to Levsha director Nikolay Nyudilchiev, this was his old idea – to pass on the skills and experience to children. Each child has his own talent. It is necessary to push him in that direction, reveal his abilities and develop them.