URALSK, Western Kazakhstan oblast, 14 August, 2002 -- On the eve of the new school year, over 60 teachers from elementary schools of the region have received an opportunity to raise their qualification at a ten-day training course in Uralsk, sponsored by Karachaganak Integrated Organisation (KIO).

The teachers of Western Kazakhstan learnt the methodology and specifics of teaching mathematics at small schools using electronic textbooks as well as the concept of the elementary school reforming. This educational project was initiated by Tulegen Ospanov, professor of Almaty State University of Abai and the principal author of the mathematics textbooks for elementary school.

The training course's curriculum included meetings with oblast officials and representatives of Department of Education and Institute of Advanced Training for Teachers as well as lectures and practical sessions, games and seminars.

The teachers from distant regions got acquainted with cultural life in Uralsk and were given an opportunity to improve their health. Attendees' pedagogical outfit was enriched with additional informative, methodological and didactic materials on mathematics that would be used further on in their work.

The participation in this training course did not cost anything for teachers as KIO took care of all the expenses including training, transportation, accommodation, board and medical treatment.

As participants of the course have said, this educational initiative has been actual and timely given the fact that a new generation of Kazakh textbooks is being published. On the whole, this initiative promotes the professional growth of the West Kazakhstan elementary school teachers and the knowledge received will be a good support in their day-to-day's work.