VIOLIN TALENT (excerpts)

Kazakhstanskaya Pravda

By Lyudmila Korina

The Third International Violinists Competition was a success, according to genius violinist, Mrat Bisengaliyev.

The project was a result of the joint effort of Bisengaliyev and the WKO akimat. We should especially mention the general sponsor, KPO. The company’s management supported the idea of conducting the contest at its first stages, when the idea was conceived during a presentation of the concert hall of the Garifolla Kurmangaliyev Oblast Philharmonic. The Philharmonic was also repaired with the sponsorship support of the Karachaganak investors.

Marat Bisengaliyev started the news conference with words of gratitude for the organisers and sponsors of the event. The emblems of the contest and Karachaganak were next to each other on the stage. According to Bisengaliyev, the attention of investors to the development of musical culture in the western region of Kazakhstan positively influences the image of the company.

The international level musician has always dreamed of creating his own Kazakhstani orchestra. Today, this dream has come true. Bisengaliyev has gathered musicians from all over Kazakhstan. Global recognition was achieved with the support of permanent sponsors. KPO provided funds for musical instruments from the XIX and early XX centuries, made by famous craftsmen from France, Great Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic. Upon the special order from Karachaganak companies, bows for violins, contrabass, cellos, and violas were presented to the orchestra.

KPO General Director, Paolo Campelli pointed out in his written address to the competition that KPO is happy to provide support to the prestigious musical forum for the third year in a row.