Karachaganak: successful partnership

September 26, 2013, Panorama Karachaganaka

A delegation from the KPO Reservoir and Petroleum Engineering Department led by Anwar Husen and supported by the HR Department has visited the Aksai Technical College and the West Kazakhstan Agrarian -Technical University, during the Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day celebration. The tour of the West Kazakhstan Agrarian -Technical University coincided with the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the West Kazakhstan Agrarian -Technical University.

Director of the Aksai Technical College, Mr. Diyarov Mirbulat Muradymovich and Rector of West Kazakhstan Agrarian -Technical University, Mr. Kazybai Karayevich Bozymov welcomed the KPO delegation.

At the meeting Reservoir and Petroleum Engineering Manager Anwar Husen, conducted a presentation titled “Petroleum Industry – Is there Future Growth?”. The presentation included petroleum industry statistics on Kazakhstan, KPO and worldwide.

Also, Anwar Husen pointed out the importance of the Pre-Caspian Basin for Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry, which includes the three super giant fields - namely Kashagan, Tengiz and Karachaganak. He then described the Karachaganak joint venture and briefly described the Geological and Engineering aspects of the field.

The various phases of the Karachaganak field development were also described. The evolution of well completion was illustrated, starting from vertical, horizontal, multi-lateral and multi-stage horizontal well fracturing (10 stages per well). Overall gas utilisation achieved by KPO in 2012 reached 99.87%. This is a world-class level of performance. Work-force diversity was also mentioned.

In the last part of his presentation, global gas resources in conventional and unconventional reservoirs were presented. At the very end, Anwar Husen gave a motivational speech to the students for them to be ready in the next decades for “borderless careers”.

Anwar Husen, addressing the attendees said: “Developing and operating a field like Karachaganak requires thousands of dedicated and capable employees in a wide range of disciplines, from petroleum engineers and technicians to interpreters and logistics specialists.”

“And, like is the case across our industry today, we suffer from worldwide resourcing demands – finding, attracting and retaining competent and professional staff.” In closing, he said: “KPO welcomes motivated graduates and others who are seeking challenging careers and who are keen to gain experience and professional growth.”

Students and teachers took an active part during the presentation and several questions on the topic were asked. In WKATU the Head of the Career Development and Employment Centre, Bebit Nassiyev thanked Anwar Husen and other KPO representatives and expressed a hope for further cooperation with KPO and between the Reservoir Petroleum Engineering Department and the University Machine Building Faculty.

KPO HR Coordinator Sholpan Igizova, congratulated participants on the 50th anniversary of the WK Agrarian-Technical University - one of the leading technical Universities in Kazakhstan, and the largest in the West Kazakhstan Oblast.

“For a number of years, KPO has been implementing a number of initiatives to enable graduates of Kazakhstan’s universities to join our company, develop themselves and contribute to future growth. These programmes help graduates develop new needed skills to meet the requirements of KPO’s technical departments”.

The cooperation of KPO and West Kazakhstan Agrarian -Technical University has been ongoing for about eleven years. Each year, about seventy graduates undergo practical training at KPO. 60 students took part in internships in various departments in 2013.

The students have solid knowledge and skills, aspirations, diligence and understanding of new technology at the level of international standards. Every year, tutors from the WK Agrarian-Technical University in the Chemical, Petroleum and Electrical Engineering disciplines take the opportunity to engage in on-the-job training in the KPO Production and Maintenance Department. The Chemical Laboratory, Environment and Reservoir Petroleum Departments Managers and Engineers give presentations to university students and professors.

Today KPO is contributing to the development of graduates, and helping them adapt to the modern conditions and requirements of the labour market. They encourage talented young people with the necessary theoretical knowledge to enhance their skills. Such meetings provide fresh impetus for the development of professionals who can meet KPO’s human resource requirements in the future.