Result orientation

June 25th, 2014, Vласть

The process of modernization of the technical and occupational education system with regard to industrialization needs has been initiated in Kazakhstan.

As the President noted in his statement, the primary focus in the development of technical education should be on the dual system. Such system implies simultaneous acquisition of on - job occupational training and university education. The dual system has been successfully established in Europe.

Currently, when hiring graduates, employers are interested in their readiness for professional work. After receiving a diploma based on the dual system of education, a graduate, along with theoretical knowledge, already possess good practical skills in the trained specialty of efficient and competitive expert - thus three components are combined: interests of business, future professional and the state.

“Under the dual system of education, students are trainees at production site, they receive salaries and do training at the same time”, - said the President Nazarbayev in regard to this system.

As one of the leading oil and gas operators in the Republic of Kazakhstan, KPO implements the programs of Kazakhstani personnel development, while proceeding successful execution of the personnel nationalization plan, and at the same time making its contribution to public initiatives support and development of young professionals.

Karachaganak – is a production at the world standards level, multi-billion investments, record performance indicators, as well as sustainable development principles. The field development is conducted with regard to the development perspectives of the state. Undoubtedly, KPO and is one of the largest employers in the region. A highly skilled personnel of various specialties is required to operate such a huge and complex field. The end of 90’s of the last century is the beginning of the modern history of Karachaganak, which is almost inseparably associated with the beginning of the staff nationalization program. Its main objective consisted in gradual reduction of foreign specialists’ percentage and increase in local staff content.

The priority direction of the company’s activity is to train young qualified specialists for the Kazakhstan oil industry, who will manage the Karachaganak field in future. KPO implements a number of training programs for the youth. These programs ensure understanding of modern operating methods in the oil and gas industry, based on new technologies of production and international standards.

By the way, the dual training at KPO has always existed. The basic principles of the training system for young professionals have been employed since the beginning of the 2000’s. KPO implements 2 main directions for training young professionals: Long-term and short-term on-job practical training programs and occupational training courses at the KPO training centre - with not only in-class training, but also directly at production site.

As part of the training programs for young professionals, 293 young people have been successfully trained and employed since 2005. The following directions are the most critical for the company at present: training programs for operators and technicians in the oil and gas industry according to OPITO standards (Production Operators, Mechanics, Electricians and Instrumentation Technicians), training program for drilling supervisors (the program conducted by ENI Corporate University) and professional development program for engineers according to OPITO standards.

The essential purpose of these programs is to train young professionals, talented Kazakhstan citizens residing in WKO, in accordance with international standards. In this case, upon successful completion of training, all the participants of these programs are provided with further employment.

Thus, under the program of KPO and ENI Corporate University for drilling supervisors, 26 graduates have successfully completed the training and been employed in the KPO Well Operations Department since 2007. Under the OPITO training program for technicians/ operators, 161 graduates have successfully completed the training course since 2008. Now they all work in the production departments of the company. 32 young professionals have been trained under the OPITO program for training engineers. Currently they complete the practical section of the training in the manufacturing and engineering groups under supervision of the company experts.

In June this year, “Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.” announced the recruitment of candidates for training under the international program of occupational training and development of young professionals. Enrolment was performed in two specialties: oil and gas production operators and engineering-mechanics. A group of students will begin their studies in August. The program participants will be able to gain practical experience.

KPO also employs the program for practice students. This initiative is aimed at improving occupational skills of young professionals – the RoK university and college students, and at forming the pool of potential candidates for employment in accordance with KPO needs. The KPO Occupational Training Program is the first program in the West Kazakhstan oblast, which demonstrates current commitment of KPO to direct involvement in the life of Aksai and local professionals training. This unique program accompanies its students from the training stage to the stage at which they are considered as candidates for KPO production positions. Thus, KPO contributes to the training of young professionals and actively cooperating with the universities of Kazakhstan. KPO supports the employment program for young people since 2009. In 2013, according to the program of employment for students, 385 students from 26 educational institutions in 21 specialties have taken practical training in different departments of the company. 16% of graduates, trained at KPO in 2013, were employed by the company.