Community preparedness

In case of an emergency, KPO monitors the level of awareness on community response among the residents of villages adjacent to the Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate Field. In 2020, according to the approved plan, seven meetings on topics such as fire safety, stray livestock as a source of danger, role of Central Monitoring Station, Public Alarm Station and familiarization with its equipment, were held with state bodies and community residents living within the vicinity of the Field. The meetings covered 71 persons.

Within 2020, KPO Emergency Response specialists jointly with contractors’ representatives have been performing monthly testing of the alarm signals to maintain continued readiness of the public alarm stations located in the settlements.

In 2020, KPO has completed installation of the new diesel generator units and public alarm stations’ control systems in the villages of Priuralnyi, Zharsuat, Karachaganak, Zhanatalap and Uspenovka. The new equipment will ensure reliability and continuous operation of the stations.

Besides, KPO continues its active engagement with local authorities in the periods of high water, fire danger and winter.