Development of Local suppliers’ potential

The ability to attract competitive local suppliers is one of the critical factors for successful implementation of the localization initiatives. Competitiveness of local manufacturers and service providers can be developed or enhanced through implementation of internal quality management standards and technical standards, and also advanced business management practices.

In 2020, more than 160 of local goods, works and services suppliers, including representatives of small and medium entrepreneurship were involved in KPO Local Content development activities and trainings.

In 2020, KPO launched a pilot program to develop key business competencies and diversification for representatives of small and medium entrepreneurship (hereinafter — SMEs) in the West Qazaqstan Oblast. As part of this joint initiative of KPO and Akimat of Burlin region, specialized webinars were held for 150 representatives of 146 SMEs, in particular for those whose activity is not directly related to oil and gas industry.

In order to improve the competitiveness of Qazaqstani manufacturers, KPO launched another certification program in accordance with international ASME and API standards in 2020. Eight local manufacturers were selected to participate in the program, of which West Kazakhstan Machine Engineering Company and JSC Ust-Kamenogorsk Industrial Valves Plant have successfully passed through the qualification process with the expected in 2021 ASME and API certification.

As a result of cooperation between KPO and Euroconsultants S.A. company, which is nominated by the World Bank and the RoQ government as a major consultant for local company development, 17 Qazaqstani companies have been certified to ISO14001,18001, 9001, 45001.