Enhanced Development Programme for 2017-2020

In the period of 2017 — 2020, KPO launched the third intake of the Enhanced Development Programme (EDP) aimed at identifying high-potential local employees and further development of their skills. While implementing the programme, the main focus was made on creating a talent pool to meet the Company’s business needs, including the selection of talented employees, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, developing and implementing individual development programs, and as a result appointing them to planned positions.

At the beginning of 2020, a forum titled ‘Inspire Yourself and Inspire Others’ was held with engagement of a famous coaching expert from Russia. As a result, participants mastered the coaching tools aimed at self-motivation and the motivation of others.

In total, five forums on the leadership development were held in the course of the program. According to the results, about 80% of the surveyed participants noted that the activities carried out helped them raise their leadership competency level.

The programme was successfully completed at the end of 2020. The total number of participants in the third training intake was 161 people. By the end of the programme, 56% of the participants attained the roles as planned; and their individual development plans were completed by 77%.