KPO takes every possible effort to ensure integrity of operational facilities and security of all personnel including contractors

Tab. 19. Our targets in security

Our 2020 targets

Target achievement

Actions taken in 2020

Targets for 2021

Ensure zero illegal taps in the KPO export pipelines



Regular monitoring of the export pipelines was provided by mobile patrol teams and the Optasense notification system.

Ensure zero illegal taps in the KPO export pipelines


Upgrade software and hardware of the Optasense system


The notification system software was upgraded to version Sintela 5.0.



New target


Implement a number of activities require to prevent illegal actions and to reduce incidents

Continue training on Human Rights and Security Principles (HRSP) for security personnel


As of end 2020, the training covered 100 % contractor security personnel.

The regulation on the conduct of the training on HRSP is included in the terms of new contracts for providing security services since 2016.

Continue training on Human Rights and Security Principles (HRSP) for security personnel

  • Complete detailed engineering and minimum 50 % construction and installation of electronic security systems;
  • Initiate preparation of work scope for installation of safety fencing and electronic security systems in Bolshoi Chagan Oil Pumping Station.

In progress

The project’s detailed engineering was completed. Construction phase and installation of electronic security systems have not started due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

  • Proceed with the procurement and installation of electronic security systems at the Company’s facilities;
  • Identify a potential security provider for the Oil Pumping Station in Bolshoi Chagan.

Introduce new-type badges with chips and advanced capabilities

In progress

A contract for delivery of new electronic badges was signed, and the software was developed.

Integrate several different applied electronic badges/certificates into one card

Following the results of KPO Security department activity for 2020, 521 violations were found, and 26 internal investigations were conducted. These included five applications, which were submitted to law-enforcement agencies.

During 2020, KPO revealed and prevented cases of unauthorized removal / relocation of KPO and contractors’ assets worth approx. KZT 92 mln. Beside that, thanks to efforts of the KPO Security department and the Burlin District law-enforcement agencies the stolen property was returned.

Employees of our security service contractor on the export pipelines have assisted the WQO law-enforcement agencies in solving crimes related to rustling and illegal treatment of derivatives of rare animals.

As part of implementation of the Security Management System Phase 2, the following measures were undertaken in 2020 to upgrade the existing control and notification system: 

  • documents package for implementation and installation of a new Sintela software, advanced intrusion-detection technology, has been prepared;
  • new equipment has been purchased and installed at the facilities, commissioning has been running;
  • the processes and algorithms of the upgraded software have been integrated into the Security management system;
  • new algorithms have been added to improve accuracy of potential threats perception and minimize false alarm;
  • new algorithms for access control and delivery/ removal of materials were introduced considering the facts of unauthorized removal of the copper-wire earth grounding cables from wells;
  • the process of training operators to manage the Sintela system was launched in December 2020.
Graph 7. Violations evidence in 2020