KPO completed major repair of municipal clinic №7 in Uralsk

URALSK, West Kazakhstan Oblast, July 14, 2020 – Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) announced the successful completion of overhaul of municipal clinic No.7 located within the premises of the regional hospital in Uralsk.

KPO General Director, Edwin Blom, said: “The Karachaganak project plays a significant role in social and economic development of the region.  KPO provides full support to the local authorities based on the principles of corporate responsibility whilst achieving the maximum value out of the Karachaganak project for the Republic of Kazakhstan and local community.  This social project is of a great importance, especially during the current situation.  We worked hard on this project also with the local authorities and I am sure that the local community will appreciate the efforts of KPO in developing the social infrastructure and strengthening the medical base of the region”, added Edwin Blom.

During the overhaul of the five-story building of the polyclinic, the necessary dismantling and roofing work was carried out, exterior and interior finishing was completed, insulation and siding of the walls of the clinic were made, and windows and doors and plumbing were completely replaced.  The heating and water supply systems were replaced and installation of a fire extinguishing system, video surveillance, air conditioning and ventilation systems was done, and two passenger elevators were installed.

By the forces of the Regional Clinical Hospital the facility has been equipped with 146 beds for patients with infectious diseases, and additional medical equipment has also been placed including 21 lung ventilation devices.

Over the past twenty years, dozens of new schools, hospitals, sports and cultural facilities were built at the expense of KPO in the West Kazakhstan region, and many kilometers of new roads were laid.  In general, the total amount of KPO investments in the development of the social infrastructure of the region made up about $ 400 million.  Only local contractors are involved in the implementation of KPO's social projects.