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Business Ethics

KPO is a complex organization that employs personnel of various nationalities and cultures. Maintaining and enhancing KPO’s reputation requires that all of KPO employees work and behave to high standards both in dealing with each other in KPO and with the outside world.

Moreover, being a company jointly operated by four international oil and gas companies and a Kazakh entity, KPO is obliged to comply with both Kazakhstan and international legislation.

Achieving outstanding performance in the long-term perspective can only be achieved if we are an organisation where everyone’s behaviour conforms to a set of principles of high standards and sustainability.

Our success is based on high level of integrity in our business relationships, with best practices applied in providing safe and secure working environments, where everyone is given opportunities to develop, and all are treated fairly in a transparent and rewarding environment.

KPO is committed to play a responsible and constructive role, aligning its business objectives with the aspirations of the communities, within which it operates. Different cultural and social features are respected and considered as major amongst the set values.

We strive to manage our impact on the environment and have respect for the society in which we work, and to ensure that a consistent and fair approach is applied in our dealings with stakeholders, service providers and customers.

We create a business environment where all our business partners, contractors, suppliers and service providers are treated equally and fairly, to sustain our future developments and maintenance of the Karachaganak Field. We value the contribution this relationship brings to our company, community and all that depends on our long term success.

These requirements are covered by the KPO Compliance Framework, which includes the KPO Business Principles, the KPO Code of Conduct and other relevant policies and documents.