KPO completes construction of the multifunctional palace of culture

URALSK, West Kazakhstan Oblast, 8th of October, 2021 — Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) announced the successful completion of the Multifunctional Palace of Culture in Uralsk that was built as part of company’s programme for social infrastructure development of the region.

The official opening ceremony was attended by RoK Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov, WKO Akim Gali Iskaliyev, KPO management, contractors, members of the general public, prominent figures of Kazakh culture.

The construction of the Multifunctional Palace of Culture was completed within two years. KPO total investment into the project exceeded $24 million. The main contractor for this social project was Uralsk-based Altair LLP company.

KPO General Director Giancarlo Ruiu said: ‘KPO is actively involved in implementing social projects in the West Kazakhstan Oblast. We strive to ensure maximum economic return from the development of the Karachaganak field for the benefit of the region and for the prosperity of local communities.

«The new Palace of Culture is a great evidence of our collaboration and it stands marvellous and solid, representing the solidity of the relations between KPO and the WKO communities. It is also the perfect way to welcome the approaching 30th Anniversary of the Republic’s Independence, and I would like to thank everyone who helped KPO in the implementation of this important project», said Giancarlo Ruiu.

The Multifunctional Palace of Culture is a three-storeyed classic-style building, which is made up of seven blocks. The architectural classic style of the Palace of Culture is underlined by appropriate attributes including columns, pilasters, cornices, wide staircases and complex stucco elements. Overall floor space of the building is 20,000 sq.m.

The Palace also has a dedicated space for spending a quality leisure time including rooms for the fine arts, technical creativity, artistic work and crafts. Big halls can be used for holding children’s holidays and opening days.

For the opening of the Palace KPO in conjunction with the Embassies of Italy and the Kingdom of the Netherlands organized an exhibition of modern Italian and Dutch artists and sculptors. The project also included landscaping of the adjacent areas.

The new Palace of Culture became a true decoration of the First President Square perfectly fitting in the architectural context of Uralsk.

The distinguished teacher of Uralsk Khalila Nurmukhanova said: «As residents of the city we are happy to see the regional centre becoming prosperous over recent years. We have never had such a beautiful and big Palace of Culture like this one before. We had waited for it with a great anticipation and now our dream came true. We are very happy and thankful for KPO for their sizeable contribution to developing social infrastructure of our region».

Over the last two decades of the Karachaganak project development hundreds of kilometres of new roads, dozens of schools, hospitals, sports and cultural facilities were built in WKO thanks to the KPO investments.

KPO has invested a total of more than $449 million into development of social infrastructure in the West Kazakhstan Oblast. A list of priority projects is identified by WKO administration whilst KPO is responsible for contracts, job execution and full projects implementation. Only local contractors are involved at all stages of construction.

KPO Corporate Affairs Department