2020 HSE Improvement Plan

In HSE KPO follows the principle of precaution (or prevention) and mitigation of any negative impact of its activity on employees’ health and the environment. To prepare an annual HSE Improvement Plan, KPO selects HSE activities that are not part of the daily work and aimed at further improvement.

While devising the Plan for 2020, the previous topic-based approach was applied in order to align it with the key performance indicators, as well as to achieve the goals set for improving the integrated HSE system.
To achieve a zero-injury rate and ensure asset integrity, the key topics for improvement were divided into four key ‘focus areas’:

  1. Leadership and Safety Culture;
  2. Risk Management and Asset Integrity;
  3. Environment and Energy Saving;
  4. Transport (Road Safety).

The 2020 HSE Improvement Plan consists of 58 key actions and improvement proposals developed to ensure the implementation of each «focus area». The plan was completed by 80%, and 20% of the activities will be continued as a part of the plan for 2021. The COVID-19 with its restrictions has prevented to implement the planned activities in full.