Road Safety

With a target to ensure more sustainable road safety performance, KPO continues implementing its Road Safety Improvement Plan. In 2020, the Company completed 98% short-term activities of the plan including:

  • Update of the HSE Policy with adoption of the road safety commitments;
  • Implementation of a ‘pool’ vehicle system for the Aksai-based offices as part of the vehicle optimization and reduction of kilometres driven;
  • Road Safety Stand Down involving top management of nine major contractors, where strict compliance with road safety rules, uncompromised approach to rules violation, prevention of drivers’ fatigue, consideration of external factors while driving, etc, were raised;
  • Special Winter Road Safety Stand Down involving both Company and contractor drivers on risks of driving in winter including threats of hitting animals;
  • Ensuring compliance with installing dashcams on all contractors’ vehicles working at the Karachaganak field;
  • Update of the key Road Safety procedures covering road safety, management of the in-vehicle monitoring system, safe load haulage;
  • Comparative analysis of the Company’s road safety management system for compliance to the international standard ISO 39001 «Road Safety Management System». KPO plans a certification on this standard in 2022.



Context /
short description:

Each year KPO place utmost importance to awareness raising and promoting road safety and general safety amongst the population of Aksai. Given the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic, some of the planned activities were carried out in a new format.

Solution / Actions:

KPO used to hold the annual Road Safety event dedicated to the International Children’s Day celebrated on 1st June for Aksai children and parents. However, in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic affected the implementation of this event.


Despite the limitations, thanks to assistance of the local ‘Radio-Aksai’ colleagues, the Corporate Safety Department employees were able to conduct an online contest having communicated with parents and children of the town via Instagram.


A week before the event several short videos were prepared and published on the "Radio-Aksai’ Instagram page to remind about the most common risks and safety rules targeting shaping habits of safe behaviour and preventing child injuries. Along with this, we proposed Aksai residents to provide their photos and videos in order to share their ways of ensuring safety and protection of children at home, outside and on the roads, etc.


The best and most creative works were selected for the awards and were announced live on the ‘Radio-Aksai’ on the Children’s Day.


In addition, during 2020, in collaboration with the Aksai radio station, KPO continued broadcasting audio ads on various topics, including safety rules at home and outside, fire prevention, safe driving, child safety, as well as safe behaviour at night and in winter. Audio ads about safety and road safety are broadcasted on the radio five times a day with monthly updates.


Besides, together with representatives of the local road police and district education department, awareness events were held for children of secondary school junior classes to actively promote Road Safety rules. As part of this campaign, children were presented with memorable gifts and over a thousand reflective flickers for using at night time.