Supporting Social Infrastructure

KPO implements social and infrastructure projects in the West Kazakhstan Oblast (WKO) on the annual basis under the terms of Annex 5 to the Final Production Sharing Agreement.

Following the decision of the Joint Operating Committee (JOC), since 2010, KPO has been allocating USD 20 mln per year for social and infrastructure projects in the WKO. For the period from 2018 to 2022, the JOC took a decision to allocate additional funding of US$ 50 mln for social and infrastructure projects in the Oblast.  Besides, an additional list of social and infrastructure projects totaling US$ 9.6 mln was approved in 2019 by means of unused funds accumulated since 2010.

The list of social projects to be implemented is annually approved between KPO and the WKO Akimat based on the priorities of the Oblast’s social development.  The list is compiled by the WKO Akimat in accordance with state priorities and programmes and considering the needs of developing the Uralsk city infrastructure, education and healthcare systems, and sports in the region.

KPO is responsible for project’s design, procurement and management of the full process up to completion of construction and the subsequent handover to the West Kazakhstan oblast.  All KPO social projects are to be implemented by local companies.  In case of failure to complete implementation of the projects by the end of the year as scheduled, the unspent funds are carried over the next calendar year.

Within 2020, KPO has launched 21 social and infrastructure projects in WKO including new big long-term projects and has completed six social and infrastructure projects worth over KZT 10 bln (equivalent to US$ 27 mln).

Social infrastructure projects completed by KPO in 2020 are listed in the tables hereunder.

Social infrastructure projects in Uralsk and adjacent villages completed by KPO in 2020


Project name

Construction and repair of roads

Capital repair of Moldagulova street from Taimanov street to Kulichev street, Uralsk

Civil and industrial construction


Capital repair of the city polyclinic No. 7, Uralsk

Medium repair of the overpass across the railway and access road pavements in "Neftebaza" district, Uralsk

Construction of the school for 450 seats, Uralsk

Construction of the Sports and Health Centre for 160 spectator seats in Zhangala village, Zhangalinsky Region, WKO

Construction of the Sports and Health Centre for 160 spectator seats in Saikhin village, Bokeiordinskiy Region, WKO