HSE Communication tools

The unexpected situation of the global coronavirus pandemic pushed KPO to look for and engage new techniques and resources in raising awareness of the staff and improving HSE communication.

In 2020, our Corporate Safety Department began issuing a Newsletter in order to communicate the most important HSE events and activities. This format has allowed keeping the remotely working employees up to date, and sharing their suggestions and lessons learnt.

The recurrence of PC screen pop-up messages was increased from one to five times a day, each message containing hyperlinks to data of any format. The pop-up message design was improved with eye-catching images and minimum of text in order to draw attention of employees. This allows conveying the relevant information more effectively.

By numerous requests, we have launched weekly safety moments prompting the most critical HSE topics that can be used for discussion before or during work meetings. If a specific topic is required, this can be found among all issued topics in the HSE library on the Intranet.

As part of the ‘raising awareness’ campaign on winter safety and preventing incidents in winter weather, presentations and a video in the TikTok social media style were developed and distributed. For enrolment in the contest that was also organised among the KPO and contractor employees, participants had to present photos or short videos on the following topics:

  • Getting ready for winter — safety at work;
  • Getting ready for winter — taking care of the family;
  • Getting ready for winter — a safe vehicle.

Following the contest results, 10 authors of the most creative useful tips were rewarded.

All communication tools that used at KPO imply a feedback through the mailbox. Corporate Safety Department offers the staff to ask questions and share comments and suggestions in every message communicated internally. The most valuable ideas are rewarded. In 2020, 387 requests received by e-mail were processed.