HSE Engagement and Programmes

Golden Rules and Life Saving Rules

As part of the KPO HSE Policy on raising HSE cultural awareness and reducing incidents, KPO has three main Golden Rules (from 2017) and eleven Life Saving Rules (from 2019).

Golden Rules regulate the Company’s approach to Health and Safety: comply with legal regulations, intervene if in danger and respect colleagues while engaging.

Life Saving Rules are based on rules of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers – IOGP, and are created as part of standardization of global health and safety regulations among oil and gas industry organizations, as well as to improve sharing of knowledge, experience and lessons learned. 
These rules focus on 11 types of activities with highest potential risk.

These set rules are applied to all employees of KPO, contractors and sub-contractors and all assets and production facilities operated by the Company.

Consequences management

KPO has an HSE Behavioral Accountability and Consequences Management Model ensuring systematic study of employee’s behavior with either positive or negative consequences, and identifying appropriate reward or action.

Familiarization sessions with this model for KPO and contractor employees were initiated in 2020. The sessions were held in January and February 2020 and suspended afterwards because of the COVID-19 restrictions. For covering most of personnel working remotely, Corporate Safety Department developed and issued the e-guide for the HSE Behavioral Accountability and Consequence Management Model. In 2021, activities on raising awareness of the Company and contractor employees will be continued.

HSE Leadership and Culture Programme

In order to reinforce health and safety continuous improvement, great efforts of all involved enterprise divisions are required. Typically, teams under strong leadership achieve best results. In this regard, with the support of the Operator companies, KPO has developed an HSE Leadership and Culture Programme, which was first implemented in the Project Execution Directorate and launched within the Operations Directorate at a later stage.

Management presence on work sites

HSE Leadership and Management Tours programmes define a necessity for all KPO management to be visible in the workplace and interact with the workforce to monitor overall HSE performance and encourage continuous improvement in line with the KPO Policy, regulatory requirements and industry best practice.

HSE tours are conducted at two levels: HSE leadership tours intended for KPO Directors, Controllers and contractor Managers, and HSE Management Tours for KPO Front-line Supervisors.

In 2020, the total number of HSE Leadership tours amounted to 70 compared to the planned 60 (116% plan completion).

Engagement with peer companies

In 2020, KPO successfully continued the initiative of HSE cooperation with the Oil Operator companies ‘Tengizchevroil’ and ‘North Caspian Operating Company’ aimed at mutual creation of sustainable safe behaviour culture in the industry. Information, lessons learned from incidents and best practices are shared. In addition, this initiative aims to simplify, standardize and implement common requirements and practical solutions in the oil and gas industry. Over the past year, the collaboration continued online.

Issues discussed at the meetings related to organizing work in restricted COVID-19 conditions and road safety including the classification of road traffic incidents, the use of a vehicle monitoring system and video cameras while driving, the incident investigation process and other.