Personnel training and development

For the safe and efficient operations of the Karachaganak field facilities, we always need the highly qualified personnel. KPO applies worldwide experience of its parent companies and attracts various international and Qazaqstani training organizations to raise professional qualification of its personnel.

Every year, KPO conducts a variety of training programs aimed at:

  • improving the personnel skills to achieve production and exploration goals;
  • mandatory HSE training, as required by the RoQ legislation, the Company’s internal procedures and best international practices.

In 2020, 76% of the Company’s local employees were trained and engaged in various professional development programmes, professional training and retraining, online seminars and conferences.

Besides, in 2020, KPO conducted training of the specialized international programmes, language skills, and professional and mandatory HSE courses.

Number of KPO personnel trained on the International Qualification certified programmes in 2020


Training statistics

As responsible organization, KPO ensures mandatory HSE training both for its own staff and for personnel of its contractor organizations.

In 2020, 445,122 hours of training (686,709 hours in 2019) were held, of which 295,495 were provided to KPO employees (363,286 in 2019). The remaining 149,627 hours (323,423 hours in 2019) were spent on the HSE mandatory courses for the employees of the contractor organizations.

Totally, in 2020 19,637 people were trained, 3,134 of them — KPO employees and 16,503 — contractor personnel. Average training hours are given in the following graph.

Average number of training hours per one training course passed by nominated KPO employees in 2020, by type