Case Studies

In this section, we share some examples of our engagement with relevant stakeholders aimed at raising the environmental awareness.


Context /
short description:

KPO works on implementation of the ‘green office’ principles across the company. The ‘green’ office implies a sparing use of resources by employees, caring for the environment and raising environmental awareness.


In the long term, we expect that this initiative would contribute to reduction of waste generation, power and water consumption in the Company’s offices.


Introducing the ‘green office’ principles into the KPO’s corporate culture promotes eco-friendly thinking and lifestyle both at work and home, amongst family members and friends. Generally, the Company employees might demonstrate care for environment among the local communities and create positive impact on the society. Engagement of more employees into the KPO environmental activities will facilitate improving the Company’s environmental performance.

Solution /

KPO has prioritised the environmental training for promoting care for the environment and the Company’ resources. This also implies raising loyalty among employees to introduction of the ‘green’ technologies and environmental practices.


During 2020, over 500 employees were engaged in a number of environmental awareness activities, such as:

  • A workshop involving KPO senior management dedicated to further improvement of the Company’s environmental performance including activities towards making the office an eco-friendly environment and improving the environmental culture;
  • Motivational eco-training for the employees hosting Roman Sablin, an eco-coach, motivational speaker, environmental blogger, and author of the book «The Green Driver. Code to ‘green’ living in a city»;
  • Environmental workshops with employees and discussions about the global environmental issues, personal contribution to reducing negative impact on the environment and minimizing ecological footprint.


Besides, KPO has issued its own Green Rules and environmental posters, designed to stimulate employees’ interest for change and to motivate them to take action towards reducing impact on the environment both individually and at the Company level.


KPO Green rules:


  1. Reduce usage of disposable plastic where possible at office and home.
  2. Save water. Fresh water is one of our most precious natural resources.
  3. Use resources efficiently.
  4. Reduce food waste.
  5. Save energy and use energy resources in effective way.
  6. Reduce usage of disposable plastic bags and promote use of ecobags.

Two KPO offices — Uralsk office and Karachaganak Business Centre — were selected for the Green Office pilot project, where the Company eco-activists conduct training and promote «green thinking» initiative among employees on a voluntary basis.


Context /
short description:

From November 11 to 17, 2020, KPO held the Energy Week, dedicated to the Energy Saving Day in the Republic of Qazaqstan. As part of the event, a number of online webinars engaging professional speakers from different areas of energy saving and environmental protection were conducted. This also included the drawing contest «The Energy Saving With the Eyes of Children».


  • Raise awareness of KPO and Contractor employees about the current trends, technologies and practices applied by industrial enterprises in energy saving and environmental protection;
  • The drawing contest «Energy Saving through the Eyes of Children» was held in order to raise the younger generation’s environmental awareness and sustainable living skills. Participation in the contest has encouraged children to learn the energy saving principles, and along the way to enjoy unfolding their creative abilities.

Solution /

The Energy Week webinars included a wide range of issues: energy saving and energy efficiency projects implementation mechanisms, the RoQ Environmental Code updates, the ‘green office’ principles, foresight research and digitization in the area of energy saving, and other.


For elder children, a review of promising areas in energy education was conducted with participation of professors from the leading RoQ University and the German University of Applied Sciences Westküste. For younger children an interactive lesson ‘What is energy efficiency and why is it important?’ was held by the environmental teacher — ambassador of the RoQ Ministry of Environment, Geology and Natural Resources.

The organisers received a lot of positive feedback from participants despite the fact that the event was held for the first time and in an online format. More than 100 children of KPO and Contractor employees were engaged in the drawing contest «Energy Saving by the Eyes of Children». The contest winners were awarded with gifts and certificates of gratitude. As part of the event, KPO General Director Edwin Blom awarded KPO employees, who greatly contributed to the Company’s Energy Management System certification and its compliance with the ISO 50001 standard.